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[PORTAL 2 MOD] Aperture Apocalypse Now Hiring!

Dear Test Subjects,

Aperture Apocalypse is going to be a Portal 2 mod that takes place during the last few weeks of Aperture Science. More info coming soon, but here are the roles open (I will also be doing all of the jobs):
3 spots available- Mappers
2 spots available- Modelers
4 spots available- Music
2 spots available- Mapper Assistants
2 spots available- Modeler Assistants
1. If you want to be hired, please give a link to your best work in that category (your best Hammer map if you want to be a mapper, your best model if you want to be a modeler, etc.)
2. If you want to be a mapper, you MUST know at least the basics and how to make instances in Hammer.
3. If you want to be a modeler, you MUST know how to use a 3D modeling software and be decent at it.
4. If you want to make music, it must be fitting for the style of the game (it should sound like corrupted songs in the theme of Aperture Science)
5. Be patient. Mods don't get done if you don't do anything or if you're not patient.
Once the team has been established, I will start giving you assignments. :thumbup:

Hi Aaron and welcome to the forums!

Here: [reddit] is a good resource for generally what to expect when making a Portal 2 mod.

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