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My portals dosen't look good

Hello there. I got a problem since i reinstalled Portal (since years without playing).
My portals dosen't look awesome anymore, they look "circular" which is much uglier and removes all the epicness of the portal textures, even on highest graphic settings :thumbdown:

I had this problem years ago (3 or 4) and someone told about just a command line to enter in the console to they back to an awesome looking. It worked but I have no idea whats that command now.

Any suggestions please ? :notworthy:

I've had this problem too, set mat_dxlevel to 9 to fix it.(See here.)

My stuff:
[spoiler]- BEE2 Addons | (BEE2)
- Hammer Addons
- Crushed Gel
- Gel is Not Always Helpful[/spoiler]

thank you for such a fast answer. It indeed fixed the problem :thumbup: