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My music is up for grabs for your mods

I have a bunch of music on my soundcloud page. Downloads are turned on, and the Collective Commons Agreement licenses the music for non-commercial projects, as long as you throw me a credit when you put something out. Feel free to edit it however you want. There's a variety of styles (and some of it's shitty), so if you don't find what suits you, keep looking.

I'm also willing to compose stuff for specific needs, but I'd want to see a mod that's pretty far along with a good chance of being finished, rather than a bunch of individuals giving me to-do lists when they haven't actually figured out how to start the mod yet. :)

I like what I hear from your selection that I briefly went through, I'll keep you in mind. That "whispered the cat" one sounds very portal 1-ish

My YouTube Channel:
Aperture Science: We do our science asbestos we can!

I really liked the sound of "You Look Like Someone"; the early parts are a nice ambient tune. I may get into contact with you some time down the track.


That's badass, man. Thanks for sharing. I'm just starting on a rather large modding project, but maybe further down the line I'll hit you up for some jams (or take some of these, if they're applicable).

Very interesting pieces of music. I'm trying to make my own, currently working on a very basic level with GarageBand. Hope to hear some of your music ingame! Let us know when you'll get there.

So interested pieces of music. I really like it.

CamBen wrote:
That "whispered the cat" one sounds very portal 1-ish

Yep, I second this. Great tracks, keep up the good work!! :thumbup:

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