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Making songs in Portal 2 style


Thank you!

CamBen wrote:
By the way are these VST plugins you're using free/cheap? (and compatible with FL studio?)

I use Reason 9, so some of the devices I used for this track were stock plug-ins. Other than that, I used Rob Papen's Predator synth and ProjectSAM's library for strings, arp and brass.

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Fluppy wrote:

This is amazing! Where would it fit? A boss fight, perhaps?

Fluppy wrote:
I finally finished another song a few days ago, and now after TWP is back on I remembered this thread was still here. This time I tried to make a song that would fit into the game menu.

Other than a main menu, this would fit really well in an overgrown chamber.

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Ever so slightly off topic:You may notice that there is a significant change in Portal 1's and 2's soundtracks. What might Portal 1 songs sound like, remade in Portal 2's style? (If it could be done)

Don't you dare plug that idiot into my mainframe...