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Making a grate that a player can lift a cube/sphere through.

Years ago I created a level where I could lift an object like a cube through a wall with a grate texture. The object could not be pulled through the wall, but could be moved to a different location behind the wall. I did this first with a built in grate texture, then later with a custom wire cage texture. I'm trying to do this again, but can't find out how I did it in the first place. A major HD crash wiped out all my old Hammer created levels, so I can't look at the originals. Does anyone know how to make a grate-textured wall that is solid to players and objects, that you can portal through, and still pick up cubes or spheres through?

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OK. I remembered how I figured it out last time. When you create a level using the PTI editor within Portal 2, the window/grate feature already behaved this way. So, I created a simple room with a grate wall and a cube, then exported it to a Hammer file. Opening this file up in Hammer allowed me to examine how they did it. Actually quite simple to do this. Start with a super thin block with a grating texture, then convert it to a Func_Brush. Set the Solidity setting to Never Solid. Then you create a Player_Clip Brush around it. Lastly, you copy the Player_Clip, and convert it to a Func_Clip_Vphysics. This creates a grate that you can't walk through, objects like cubes can't go through, but you can still pick up through the grate. Nothing like solving your own problems. :-)

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Great you posted your answer Samot! :thumbup:

Different types of tool clip textures (and entity-tied brushes) can also get the effect of blocking certain items you want.

Refer to this page for more info on tool textures.

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