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Linux Portal Beta?!


So, I just popped onto Steam to check on my workshop, and lo and behold, I saw the following: ... 20Beta.png (Can't use IMG tags at my level? Awwwww.)

Has anyone tried this version yet? I'm about to make the attempt, but my Linux box is an oooold laptop, and, for example, Psychonauts grinds to a halt on it (2-3 FPS I am not kidding).

I haven't got a working ubuntu installation at the moment. so also can't check.

But also on windows you can enroll in a beta for portal;
The steampipe beta:
- installed in steam/steamapps/common/portal instead of steam/steamapps/<username>/portal
- vpk's instead of gcf's

ps; you should be able to use image tags; you can't use images bigger than 800 pixels though :(
(rescaled version)

Ummm... I'll check out the Windows version when I get home, but this is what happened when I tried the Linux version on this laptop.

On the plus side, the frame rate was smooth as silk.

Also, thanks for the heads-up on the image size limitation.

I just played through the original campaign again.
Had a bunch of cubemap issues, and my portals looked damn weird, other than that the beta ran quite good. I was under the impression the loading times were less too.

What is the beta version and who has access to it?

yishbarr wrote:
What is the beta version and who has access to it?

Beta of a new version of Portal 1, apparently. I don't see any reason I would have been flagged for it except that I already own Portal, so if you have Portal, check to see if "Portal (Beta)" shows up in your Steam Library.

It only shows up as a beta in the linux version; but, as said in the newspost:
- Rightclick portal in your list,
- properties
- betas
- select beta -SteamPipe Beta
- profit

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Lpfreaky90 wrote:
It only shows up as a beta in the linux version; but, as said in the newspost:

I couldn't find the newspost on it, and I wasn't at home to check in the PC Steam client. So yeah, what Freaky says.

Portal is now available as a Beta. This beta adds Linux support and converts the game to the new Steam Content delivery system.

This beta involves significant changes for all platforms and your testing is appreciated, please report any bugs to our GitHub page,

Linux users can simply install Portal to access the beta. For Windows and OS X users right click the game in your Library, choose properties and then go to the Beta tab. Select the SteamPipe beta to start testing. Under Windows and OS X to opt out of testing simply deselect the beta option on this same page.

For any speedrunners who care, the beta seems to have partially fixed edge glitches. They no longer work from the top of a portal (At least in my testing) and can only be done from the sides. None of the other glitches look like they were affected yet, but if anyone from Valve is reading this, then kudos to you for finally patching it :thumbup:

Edit #1: Apparently all edge glitches still work, but they are near impossible to do. The portal needs to be placed perfectly on the edge. Starting to hope this doesn't become a real update.

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