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Lighting question

I'm making a map and can't seem to get it out of fullbright.

Now it has been awhile since I've used hammer, but as far as I can recall, all one needs to to is add lights and run RAD. I've done this, and RAD seems to get through compiling ok. When I load the map, the lights are working fine. They're making the room they're in brighter, but it's still fullbright.

Does anybody here have an idea of what I'm doing wrong? Did I miss something stupid or have I managed to twist hammer into a spot it doesn't like yet again?

if you run a map without lights it turns fullbright on. If you then run a map with lights in, it keeps fullbright on, you need to tell it to turn off (mat_fullbright 0)

Ahh, thanks! That worked great.