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Light emmiting textures

Kwinten06 wrote:
Did you try to use a custom rad. file ? That could work

VDC wrote:
.rad file, mainly used for glowing textures on brushes. rad files are the only form of glowing textures that generate any light. The file is processed line per line; on each line is simply the name of the texture, the RGB value of the light, and then the brightness of the light.

^ Essentially this means it is a text file with the name of your texture. e.g. fractures_textures/light 255 0 0 200

Get GFCScape and open the pak_dir file, looking for materials/lights/white011.vmt. Glowing textures are a mix of making the texture bright so it appears like it's glowing and the parameter in your lights.rad file that actually makes the texture glow. The lights.rad file will need to added into parameters in your vrad compile otherwise they wont emit light.

See this video for a full tutorial by TopHattWaffle:

I'm not sure why you thought I wasn't trying to help. Here I am still thinking you want to make a glowing rod.

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you literally sent me a video of SFM with my little pony, what even the fuck was that?

also this .rad thing sounds exactley like the kind of file I cannot pakrat, doesnt it. Why the hell cant I just make my own .rad? also how do I make a .rad?

Just when I think I understand the system, it changes on me.

SFM also uses the Source engine, the pony video was essentially a demo of what parameters in the vmt can mock 'glow' in models.

Follow the tutorial by TopHatt I linked above, it literally shows you step by step how to make a rad file and compile your map with it.

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I missed this guy so much. God bless you chickenmobile you're a saint.

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portal2tenacious wrote:
I missed this guy so much. God bless you chickenmobile you're a saint.

Fracture needs a bowl full of snickers for shure. Too bad they're full of NUTS.

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