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Keybindings in puzzle maker hardcoded ?

Hmm, guess I'll ask here too cause steamforums is burrying topics quicker than cave johnson can spawn multiverses..


Has anyone found out how to change the keybindings for the puzzle editor yet ? The controls seem to be static but have to be stored somewhere , I don't see it in the regular config panel.

Somehow I find the standard config a bit contrary, especially if you're used to hammer,

If you're used to hammer the rotate/move bindings are actually the opposite: right mouse would be rotate, mouse3 would be move.

There seem to be some missing possible key combinations in the controls help window like:

- spacebar+drag extrudes walls at all sellected surfaces, it extends a bit on the "corner grab" principle but makes it an alt feature.

There's also problems with azerty keyboards. wsad doesn't control the normal way because the w key is the a key etc....