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Judging for the fifth mapping competition is now finished

Hi everyone!  - judging for the fifth mapping competition is now finished. Below is a list of each entry's placement:

1. The Climb by Tewan -- 48.833/63

2. The Perilous Pitfall by hennyburgr -- 45.750/63

3. Doble by Permatemp -- 45.583/63

4. Apoapsis by MisterLambda -- 44.083/63

5. Kwyjibo by Engine Hunk Overflow -- 42.700/63

6. T A L L by Ossy Flawol -- 40.750/63

7. Two Places at Once by Wii2 -- 33.167/63

8. Escalation by FishSniper86 -- 28.750/63

9. Hamjumper by Camben -- 24.750/63

10. Laser with two levels by BezaoBuilder -- 23.167/63

(DISQUALIFIED) Towering by LabPlay -- 26.917/63

Congratulations to Tewan, hennyburgr and Permatemp for scoring top 3! Contact Michelle Sleeper on Steam or Discorc to receive your prizes. It was certainly a close competition to say the least, with the scores so close. I'm really happy with the turnout we saw with this competition, and hope to see a similar turnout for the next competition. Thanks to everyone who participated in the competition, and thanks for being patient!.

Level designer, 3D modeler, texture artist ,environment artist.