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[Job] Team Abyss is looking for 2D/3D Artists

Hi, my name is Francis Racicot aka Pac0master.

I am the Lead developer of the Free mod: Portal 2 Abyss.
Project's page:
Our team is called Team Abyss, we are looking for talented individuals with spare time who wish to contribute to the Modding community. It's a great opportunity for anyone looking to expand their Portfolio, get more experience or even kill some time.
We are usually operating on Skype or via the Development Group on Steam.

Our Current project is Portal 2: Abyss, it is a free mod aiming to expand the Portal 2 universe to a different public. We aim to create a Psychological Thriller/Mystery atmosphere with some comedic aspects indeed.
We operate without any budget, this is why we are looking for people who are generous enough to work for free on their spare time.

We are looking for 2D Artists and 3D Artists.
The 3D Artists will work on:
- Modifying existing models.
- Creation of low detail models: Crates, barrels, lamps, ...
- Creation of medium detail models: Trusses, Railing, Ramps, Doors, ...
- Creation of High detail models: Trams, Train, Portal Gun, Crane, bridge, ...
- Basic animation: Door opening, Portal gun animation, Simple movement, ...
- Advanced animation: Environmental destruction, Crane falling, A bridge collapsing, ...
- Teaching me how to model (I personally use Blender).

The 2D Artists will work on:
- Creation of decals.
- Creation of posters.
- Creation of Concept arts.
- Creation of textures.
- Creation of Avatars.

?Portal 2: Abyss is a game modification for Portal 2. Thus, we are working with the Source Engine by Valve. More precisely, Portal 2 Authoring Tool. For a maximum efficiency, please take in consideration the list below.
- Own a steam copy of Portal 2.
- Minimum knowledge of Source Engine (Exporting models).
- Modellers must be able to UV map.
- Have at least a few hours a week to spend on the mod.

+ All of your work will be properly credited.
+ You have complete ownership of your works.
+ No contract to sign.
+ You are free to leave the team at any given time .

[To Apply]
?If you are interested to join the team, Please consider completing this Google form:
It is a great way to verify each candidate.
If you have any Questions, Email me at: or contact me via PM

Thank you all for your time!