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I want to kill NPCs with a portal gun

Ok, this sounds bad, let me explain:

I watched Watchmojo's top 10 list of unconventional weapons. They got to the spot where they had to include the portal- or gravity gun and they said

"While the portal gun can't kill anyone unless you're creative, the gravity gun...".

I've thought about this before and this sentence got me thinking again - It would be AWESOME(!!!) to play a more bloody action game in which your only weapon is the portal gun. You'd have to/be able to:

- Defend yourself from the bullets of enemies by shooting portals underneath them and letting them fall off high places.
- Place portals above them only to smash them with a heavy object
- Escape enemies by portaling to places where they can't go
- Launching stuff at them via momentum.
- Cutting their limbs while they stand in your portals and you shoot a portal elsewhere (come on, you know Valve edited that part of portal out just to make the game kids-friendly)
- Infiniflinging their limbs just for fun.
- Travelling large distances in some wide-open spaces by flinging yourself high up in the air, seeing a portalable surface to place a portal and continue hover-flinging forward (otherwise you'd have to walk).
- ...

The list goes on, but I'll stop there.
What do you think?
Could Source2 be able to build such game?...'cuz I know NPCs are broken for Portal 2.

You could probably do some similar stuff with portal 1, with a bit of hammer trickery for cubes falling and hurting npcs.

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P1 is built in the HL2 engine, so if you import all your HL2 maps and models and such you can use a portal gun against HL2 enemies.

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