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How to get Cave Johnson to speak

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I've had a couple of issues getting Cave's voice lines to work properly, so I'm writing the solutions down here.

Issue 1: The voice lines don't play.

After setting up the logic_choreographed_scene entities, compile your map and play it. When you get to the points that trigger your scene entities, use the dev console and find a line that looks similar to this: CSceneEntity [logic_choreographed_scene name] unable to find actor named "cave_bomb_flings_entrance"

To solve this, create an npc_bullseye entity with the name that's shown between the quotation marks. The npc_bullseye is where Cave Johnson's voice with come from, so it's best to place the entity next to a prop_static with one of the two "old_speaker" models.

Issue 2: Cave's voice doesn't echo when it's played.

I've found that this issue is solved by placing env_soundscape entities around the map. Use this video to see which soundscapes you'd like to use.