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How the heck did Chell end up in Relaxation Vault?

pestchamber wrote:
😐 I don't get why no one liked it.

It's not made by VALVe... And there is nearly no GLaDOS there...

13thSlayer wrote:
It's not made by VALVe... And there is nearly no GLaDOS there...

thats because they are just making glaDOS, I admit that they could have had more of a story with glaDOS from the beggining but at least it gives a very good background story for portal.

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pestchamber wrote:
😐 I don't get why no one liked it.

I really do liked it, in fact i think it's one of the best portal mods out there.

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was a bit too much for me, but i really dig what they did with everything else (including the difficulty).

Thing is, since it was not made by Valve, it can't be linked to their official storyline.

pestchamber wrote:
😐 I don't get why no one liked it.

It was okay. I was a sound idea, I think it could have been implemented better.



I liked it, for the most part. I was a bit at a loss at the end, and I think that the personalities of the test observers weren't consistent: sometimes they are sort of friendly and encouraging, and next they are all excitingly waiting to see you get killed in the next test chamber.
And generally, the (pre-GLaDOS) chambers are a lot more deadly than those in the official game, which contradicts the supposedly evil character of GLaDOS.

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This is why I did not like Portal:Prelude.

When you first lets say when your Downloading it I looked forward to the ending.

The Test Chambers were fun, However the breaks on which you take

Sorry, only logged-in users can see spoilers.
That was really not Portal like at all. Also they ripped maps from Valve. Also, they expect anyone to figure out 18 or 19 without trying many times.

Once you finally got to the end. I was on the edge of my seat And this is the level that they announced the mod. I don't know if this is true, not saying it is but I think the hype got in the way of making the ending very good. Instead they must have thought "Lets overload Source, make GLaDOS almost imposable to beat and add cool effects and all this unneeded stuff. It'll be fantastic and everyone will love it!" [/theory]

So once you finally see the ending (Cheats on or not) you got shot down, error messages on the left top of the screen and explanatory details like if the room is not finished when GLaDOS was turn on, how come its complete in Portal? In the end all you had were the near imposable advance maps and the challenge maps, nothing else. And the mod was not worth playing again. .


But again, This is way off topic, if you wanna bash Prelude post it in the thread were others had. . .

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Did you read the Portal Comic? It explains why she?s in the Relaxation Vault!

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The comic didn't exist until a few months ago. This thread is from 2009.

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yeah Rattman saved her in the comic and I even think Rattman is still alive in Portal 2. I heard some strange babble in a Rat Den.

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