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How do I get the sendificator to work with Bee2?

Hello there,
I have Bee2.5 alpha installed and I'm trying to create a map using the sendificator.
Connected a pedestal button with 3 seconds timer to the sendificator.
Connected the sendificator to a laser (activated because it's also in the sendificator maps).
I place a cube on the sendificator platform and press the button. The laser turns off fr a short while but nothing else happens.
Next I changed the laser to deactivated at start. Now it turns on at the press of the button but the cube is still on the platform.
How do I get this to work?

I was able to fix it myself. For now it looks like the sendificator works only with one of the "clean" styles. I haven't tried all styles though, just "Original" and "Beemod" so far.

The Sendificator requires some special entities to be in the observation room, and I don't know if those got copied over to the other styles.

Falsi sumus crusto!

Apparently not - it works with Clean but not with "Clean (No Voices)". A bummer.


I'll report that to Ben. I'm guessing a mapper built the observation rooms for the other styles before installing the converted FGEMOD files, which replaced the default instance.

Falsi sumus crusto!



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