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Honest Portal trailer!


I knew smosh games would make this eventually. I knew it. They are pretty much right, except that portal 1 (not really portal 2) actually has tons of replay value because of all the multiple ways to solve the test chambers.

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"Almost no replay value." HA!

"I thought this site was dead." -Conspiracy Core

But it doesn't.

Tell me that 90% of that playtime wasn't spent on custom maps.

Even if it was only that, 10% of 1932 hours is 193.2 hours. The average completion time is about 10 hours.

"I thought this site was dead." -Conspiracy Core


Other Smosh Games fans exept me? I watched this video 15 minutes after they posted it. I found it pretty good, but the funny thing about these videos is that they show all the bad sides of a game(/movie) and portal hasn't got many. Most of the jokes here were about Half-Life 3. They also didn't say anything about coop. It's surely not one of their best honest trailers simply because portal is not a bad game to make fun of.

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Almost no replay value is pretty spot on for Portal 1 but kind of right for Portal 2 if you forget about the Portal 2 Workshop.

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Replay value doesn't apply to playing custom maps. Unless you're replaying them.
But then again they're custom maps so.

There needs to be an honest trailer for Portal 2 PTI maps.

"Knock over 25 turrets for no reason, put the cube on the button, spend thirty minutes walking alllll the way across the map to get to the exit, and pretend you had fun doing that!"