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Help with Source demos

In case you don't know: Demos are videos that you record while playing the game. But these videos don't actually lag the game, since the game doesn't render when you are recording (like fraps and other games recording software). When you render the games play for itself, while you can use console commands (like thirdperson, host framerate etc) to make the video more smooth or even funny (Ever heard about nislt? :P)

So my problem was like I recorded 2 demos for portal 1, and I sent it to a friend. He said the first crashed at 10 seconds and the second crashed instantly (I sent to another friend proving the error is on my side). I don't know what can I do, these are my source mods:
And there might be the custom things on my portal folder, like materials etc.

How do I fix this? Anyone have the solution to this problem? D:

Downloads: ... %20portals
(The files with Michael Dollard are from my friend, so don't use that).

I don't know what your sourcemods have to do with a problem in a demo for Portal 1.

Also your dropbox link doesn't work, it returns an error message saying the folder "/Portal with Least portals" doesn't exist...

Usually, the only real requirement for a demo to be played/ watched by someone else is to have the map (exactly the same map version) that the demo was recorded for. Make sure that you and your friend have both the same map version.

ImageImageImageImageImageuseful tools and stuff here on TWP :thumbup:
[spoiler]ImageImageImageImageImage[/spoiler] demo 1 ... 2.dem?dl=0 demo 2

I just played the first portal mps, I don't know if something had gone wrong.