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(FIXED) HELP, PLEASE! Portal 2 Dialogue Cutting Out. How do I fix it?

So I have a very weird audio glitch going on with Portal on my new PC, an Acer Nitro 5.

Certain lines of dialogue are cutting out before they finish, for no reason. Then it's just silence until the next scripted line plays.

Another one of the lines of dialogue, "...been in suspension for 99999...", has been replaced with what sounds like TV static. Some of Wheatley's lines are cutting out, too.

Something is clearly broken here. I don't know if there's something wrong with the soundcache, the PC specs, or what, but I tried reinstalling, verifying the game file integrity, asking the support team, and consulting other Source Engine users, and I still haven't found a solution yet.

By any chance is this a result of the new July 2020 update? Can anyone forward this issue to the staff members?

Apparently, this was the cause of the glitch. After I removed this mod from the game's files, it was all back to normal.

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