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Hard Light entity help

Hi, everyone! I am new to this page but I've been using Hammer for a few years. Recently, I had an idea to design a map with a rotating tower and have hard light bridges parented to it. The prop_wall_projector does not allow for parenting, though. This page seems to hint at another possibility:

The problem is, I can't find a projected_wall_entity anywhere. I feel sure I could pair one of these to a wall_emitter.mdl and make a convincing facsimile. So, my question is this:

How do I create a projected_wall_entity???

I never used that entity before, but as any entity in hammer:

  1. Go to the entity placement tool on hammer
  2. Put an entity on your map by default should be an info_player_Start
  3. Open the proprieties window
  4. on "class" you search for "projected_wall_entity"  select it and hit enter
  5. when you hit enter it will turn into a little cube.

That's it, you're done, that's the entity, now give it a name and you should be able to mess with it to see how it works.

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I tried that just now, and it's not part of my selections. I typed it in and got this. For some reason, it's not a part of the entities class types.  Where can I get it?




See link below.

I tried updating my Portal 2 Authoring Tools and verifying the local files, but projected_wall_entity is still not part of the list. How can this be? What can I do to add it? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!!

Have been hung up in some stuff, sry.

I use a modified version of a p2 hammer related file, that fills that propriety info apparently, I had never used that entity so didn't knew it where empty in vanilla hammer.

here it is: it has install instructions included, but here it is for ya anyway.

Just a warning, that it is a bit complicated to install, you can contact the creator "TeamSpen" on our discord group:

| TeamSpen's Hammer Addons version 2.0 |

# Installation

* Use the provided FGD instead of the vanilla one. (Issues/PRs welcome for any entity improvements.)

* Place the content of the zip file on the the bin folder

* Add the the line Game ".\bin\hammer"  to your gameinfo.txt, to provide sprites for the compiler.

* Add the postcompiler to the compile commands:

1. Create a new command after VBSP, using the "Executable" type and choosing the postcompiler EXE.

2. In the parameters, enter `--propcombine $path/$file`.
* Compile a map once, which should produce the config file `Game Folder/srctools.vdf` (this can be placed in any parent folder of the VMF).
* Configure the file as desired, then compile your maps to apply the changes.
* If using BEEMOD2.4, change Hammer -> Options -> Build Programs to use `vrad_original.exe`.

Level designer, 3D modeler, texture artist ,environment artist.
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Thanks very much! I actually saw this stub after I Googled "projected_wall_entity" (in quotes) and found the GitHub repository, but I'm glad you wrote to confirm.  I'll give it a try.

Update: It works! At least, partly. I'll tinker with it to see it I can get it to behave the way I want.  Thanks again!