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Hammer custom sounds: Can't create mixer help?

Hello. I am trying to make a custom map with a custom sound that I recorded with Audacity... I made it an MP3 File, with 44100 hz, & 128 kbps... I DID pack It into the bsp file of my map, except it wouldn't play in-game - It just gave me the error:
[Sound] S_StartSound(): Failed to load sound 'portal4lvl1wub.mp3'. Can't create mixer.
Does anyone know how to fix this? I feel like I've tried almost everything.. :/
All help is appreciated, thanks in advance

If you really embedded it into the BSP file, it shouldn't output that error; that could mean you are not packing it correctly, even if you said so. The game should have loaded the sound info from your .BSP file when you run the command "map_<map_name>". Try restarting the game though and confirm if it failed again or not.

Try the console command "snd_updateaudiocache" and maybe that will fix it. But bare im mind that this will only mean that you didn't pack the sound files correctly and the game is just reading from your local folders, and not from inside your map file.

Your error only means that you did everything too fast... you need to tell the game that the sound files have been updated.

ImageImageImageImageImageuseful tools and stuff here on TWP :thumbup:

ok, so I have restarted my game multiple times, and I tried snd_updateaudiocache, and it still didn't work, so I probably packed the bsp the wrong way... can you direct me to a good tutorial for doing so?

create folder named custom in portal2/portal2/sound.
put everything there. place ambient generic in map and make trigger for it.
compile map, go to pakrat and import everything from custom folder.

Make sure you unchecked the "$game_exe -addlist $path\file.txt..." box and checked the "$game_exe -dev -game $gamedir..." box. I don't know why it worked for me but it did