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Getting into modeling?

Heya guys. I know a lot of people here are into modeling, and some are actually very good.

My friend asked me some help said he wanted to learn modeling to help his gaming development carrer. Since I'm doing this research anyway, I thought I might give it a try myself too.

With that in mind, how should one "Start"?

If You're Willing to spend some money, you can get 3ds max and watch some tutorials which i'm pretty sure are incluided with the modelling software.

If you want to go the free way however, you can try out blender (which i personally use) and watch some tutorials about how to get started on youtube.

I really like open software, I think it's a great concept. I've seen people say it's not good for you if you plan on entering the industry however. Or on some cases you have a great portfolio and the company actually hires you but you gotta learn their software.

What you think about that? Do you aggre or disaggre?

i kind of disagree

Blender might be an open software, however, it can do really great things. for example, quite some good animated short films are being made with it, and i personally think it's a great software for game modelling and rendering.

something i think might be true however, is that sometimes comapnies might make you learn their software