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fixed Rocket Turret

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Maybe you missed the Portal 1 rocket turrets, discovered them in your game but saw "Oh, they are bugged!".

In this pack, there are the models, materials and sounds you need for the rocket turret.

2 instances are delivered for using it in Hammer.

The missing sounds are just hearable if you put them in a VPK file in your addons folder.

How to create a VPK: ... rtal_2_Map

The $MissileSpeed has a default of 450. If you keep ??? it will use this speed.

Never rotate the instance! Always keep it's angles 0 0 0!

Make sure ALWAYS to place ONE "rocket_turret_missile.vmf" in the CENTER (coordinate 0 0 0) in your map!
Extra missiles are needed because the original NPC fires missiles with a speed of 0 (thats the bug they have).

Make sure to release the materials, models and sounds together with your map!

File Name: RocketSentry.7z
File Size: 863.98 KiB
Click here to download fixed Rocket Turret

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Thanks, helps out a lot :D

EDIT: Seems stuck upright. Do you know how to fix it?

More information Here

"Pretty is better than ugly, but if it doesn't work, ugly is better than pretty"

I forgot to say: Never rotate the instance! Always keep it's angles 0 0 0!

Can't you just go into the NPC entity and set Speed and Lifetime to something greater than 0?

Falsi sumus crusto!

Try it and you will see that it won't work.

God be with the days when the damn thing just worked...

Anyway, thank you very much for these instances! :D

this is way too buged. Im sorry dude but its just a mess. The laser beam gets stuck at the first lockon, the only missile it fires is delayed and not correctly aimed and the turret i have to put in the center of the map causes me problems. Either i am doing everything wrong or this is just too glitchy to be used.

You are doing everything wrong.

Rocket turret in Portal 2? Awesome. Despite the fact there were not many puzzles with the rocket turret in Portal (including custom maps), I must say that I like this test elament.

Signatures are overrated.

i am tinkering with some similar elements and i find that the rockets don't always do damage. I even added properties like explosion radius and explosion damage to the rocket and it still only does damage half the time.

only when the rockets are not moving do they gaurantee damage

Just when I think I understand the system, it changes on me.
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