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Entities are missing in map


I'm building a new coop map in Hammer, which contains these entities:
point_energy_ball_launcher (the energy ball from Portal 1), it's launcher and catcher,
where the model style of launcher and catcher have the clean design.

I've added the ball launcher from Portal 1 to Portal 2 and by using a guide, like this one: ... nd_catcher it works fine.

However, when I'm using packrat to add these entities to the map, which can be found and also added to the map, my partner couln't see these entities. Just a basic full white model or, in case of the ball, a black-purple colored square.

So, I think that any other people won't see these objects, too. Do you know how to fix this issue?

I almost know everything, except everything...

Packrat doesn't play well with newer versions of Source, including Portal 2.
Try using VIDE ( instead, which also has an auto-pack feature.
Otherwise, you could try using CompilePal (, which is a replacement to Hammer's built in compiler. It contains an auto-pack feature as well.