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Custom Maps


So really, how many custom maps are out there? I've only played two so far.... :D

Try googling "portal custom map" or checking the steam forums if you've already tried all the maps here.

Sanity is not statistical.

I believe there are 6 floating around as of now (hopefully 7, today. as soon as i get my combine ball launcher up and running :D )

So you figured it out eh? Nice going. :)

Now do the catcher. :wink:

Sanity is not statistical.

I did :D

my last problem is getting the logic stuff.

IM ALMOST DONE! lol, i hope you guys like it when i get it done, it's only like a 1 minute puzzle, if that

All puzzles are good puzzles! :wink:

As long as they keep a certain ammount of eye-candy. (Yeah, I'm picky about details and stuff. Sue me. (Please don't sue me))

Sanity is not statistical.

lol. Hey, do you know how the timer works? right now, to test it, i just had my combine ball shooter with a onstarttouch trigger. I have a logic_timer on there, but it doesn't actually do anything.

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Yes, it works. You type in the number of seconds to count before each fire, then make an output named OnTimer or something like that.

Sanity is not statistical.

Okay, i figured it out, it was a damned flag, again. I always forget to check those. There is a flag w/in the timer that says oscillation on.
Turned that off and it works, now.
Map release in 1 hour! yay... I'm so excited, it's finally done, now i just have to process and fine tune the thing..

Nice. I'm going to play it tomorrow. I can't play it today due to the time (20:29 GMT+1) and the fact that I have a geography test tomorrow.

Sanity is not statistical.