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Coop maps for more than 2 players?

Hi everyone,

I'm currently looking for coop maps that are made for preferably 3 players, maybe 4 would be fine too. I think just making such maps that require more than two players in a meaningful way is not easy, but there have to be some I'm sure. :)
Since there is no filter option when browsing the download section, and putting a "3" in the forums' search box on the left is a stupid idea I apologize if there already is a thread with a list of such maps somewhere. Just couldn't find it. ;)

It cant (or at least hasnt yet and probably wont ever be) done.

I think in terms of boolean variables. Generally, it makes things easier.

Well it is possible to have up to ~16 players in multiplayer, each with their own portal gun etc.
Maybe it is not possible to create a proper exit that will load the next map or anything like that, and you might need to enter a few console commands after loading the map, but just the fact that you can get 3 or more players in one map should make it possible to create puzzles that require 3 players to solve it, just from how they're structured.

More than four portals causes problems with the way portals are coded in Portal 2.

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Hm, what a pity. :(
It seemed to work well at a first glimpse...

Zahl wrote:
Hm, what a pity. :(
It seemed to work well at a first glimpse...

Not sure what glimpse you saw, but things do start to screw up with viewpoints when there are three or more sets I believe. I tried it once in singleplayer and I think if a portal from all three sets is in view the game starts overlaying the rendering of specific elements.

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