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[Coop] btmap1_rc

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EDIT: There is a workshop version of this map located here: ... d=89762722

I've been told that the file here doesn't work for Portal 2 anymore for some reason. It may have been an isolated incident.

Original post is under the spoiler tag.

Sorry, only logged-in users can see spoilers.



From me testing it in splitscreen mode.

EDIT: Also, if you've got a Reddit account and would like to upvote it, here's the link

Try like this for the images:

Code: Select all

It worked for me in the preview pane.


It appears that I'm not allowed to use the [img] BBCode as I'm a new member with..3 posts now. There's actually an error message in red that shows up when I try it. (I can't even preview it, actually)

Hopefully people will notice the links.

EDIT: Apparently it takes 3 posts before you can post using the img BBCode. Going to fix that now.

Fair enough; it's the same with the PM system. Anyway, to contribute something of worth to this topic, those screens lok lovely; it's nice to see someone using the proper floor textures instead of WALL textures for FLOORS. Even some of the campaign maps do this, and it drives me mad. However, those double lights on the corner there look a bit off; do you really need both of them? Anyway, loner that I am, I don't do co-op (heck, I don't do friends, full stop (I don't mean it that way, you sickos)), so that's the most I can contribute to this thread, but I loom forward to seeing someone play this. Have a nice day, and welcome to the forums.


Yeah, I wasn't sure about the lighting as I was placing those about the map. I wanted to make sure the area was bright enough so people would not miss the button located near that location.

It does look a bit weird. If I ever do get around to updating the map, I'll probably rearrange the wall a bit.

You know, if you try hard enough, you can play coop maps by yourself using the splitscreen mode that comes with Portal 2?

It's how all the testers test their maps. As long as you don't have to do a 2 person fling, it really isn't too difficult. It just means that you've got to do all the thinking yourself.

Click here for the developer wiki page about it.

Oh, I know - and I have tried it before - but I just find it's too tedious. Still, though, if I get the time, I might make a special effort for this map. :) By the way, for future reference, double posting usually tends to incur the wrath of the forum gods - unless you need people to know there's been a new post, it's best to stick with an edit usually. Just thought I'd let you know.


Ahh, right, as with most forums.

I was just afraid you might have looked at the thread already in the 5 hours it took to remember to post about split screen and therefore would not see the edit.

It definitely is a bit tedious, I'll agree. It is a bit satisfying when you pull off a tricky maneuver that can't be done with both bots standing on solid ground, though.

EDIT: Doesn't look like there's a way for me to combine my posts and delete the extra. That's too bad.

Built vertically, looks and play solid despite a minor chokepoint. Appearances being very polished if a bit gray, puzzles themselves revolved around fizzlers as to say very logical which is always a bonus here. Suggested.

By "chokepoint" I mean having to stand inside a portal between the floor and a slated panel: while not difficult, it's uncanonical and might prove a bump for some.

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