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Chamber 15 - 20 seconds


humm.. lol ?
This is inhuman.


xploit :P lol but its still DAMN DAMN impressive :P my ~thing~ is trying to get the best "challenges" without ANY kind of exploit (even bunny hopping) so its hard.

btw, i've TRIED to do portal bumping, but am apparently COMPLETELY unable to :(

do NOT click this

.... i want to know what happened at 10-13 seconds.

The cake is a rickroll.

wow, 20 seconds in a single segment is damn close to the limit O_O

For those who don't like portal bumping but don't mind segments, here's my vanilla run with the same time:

firstly - whats a segment?

secondly - the first vid actually looks like its been smod'ed

A segment is basically the time between saves. It just means I used saves and did the chamber in several parts, while Kingpin didn't.

lol jaso, you dont realise how damn close i was to 19 seconds today >.< I reckon it was 20.05 or something, it changed when i was on the top elevator step.

That's sad :(
Keep trying, I think you can get the 19 seconds.