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Hello modders,

I've been trying to find a way to simulate a raytrace or bullet in the Portal 2 engine, which emits from a source and deals damage to func_breakables and such.

The damage part of a func_tank is broken, it seems, and same with the env_beam and env_laser.

Is there a way I can do it without a trigger_hurt? I would like to use a vscript, but finding nearby entities would require me to know the size of all my func_breakables and func_physboxes.

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I would look through the default HL2 entities and try to see what's still available in Portal 2. Even though sometimes the entity may seem to be obsolete, it may still actually be functional.

I remember when playing around in the COOP lobby one time, I tried to spawn a turret and instead it spawned an invisible turret which shot me and when hit, large x's appeared everywhere - the HL2 sounds and everything.
I would try using a turret (shooting once from an output).

Also is there an actual damage input available for your breakable items? If all comes to fail you could use that as a hack-around.

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True, but the problem is detecting the breakables in the first place. I didn't realize that an npc_turret_floor still worked, I need to copy over the files and try that! Maybe a func_tanktrain would do it? And tbh I'm not sure I used the func_tank right, I'm still confused about the two different bullet keyvalues.


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