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BEE2 Addons

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My collection of items for the [url=]BEE2[/url]. These items mainly are rearranged or special versions of existing items. Some help is available in the right-click info panel, but consult the Readme for full instructions. All non-logic items are fully styled for all the default styles. It is compatible with Radelite's addons, providing styled versions for the Ratman Style.

This includes my Refurbished Style, a hybrid of Clean and 1950s style similar to the Coop Course 5. I also have a modified version of 1980s style, with a damaged Enrichment Sphere showing the surrounding Test Shaft. I now have an Overgrown Style, replicating the dilapidated Aperture seen in the first few levels of the singleplayer campaign. There is also a debug Unlocked style to allow adding or deleting the mandatory entry/exits and observation rooms. Be careful with this!

Thanks to Skotty (High Energy Pellets, Bumbleballs and Catapult Cubes), Moth(Bumbleballs), SoundLogic(Catapult Cubes) and PortalCombat (Sphere Cannon) for creating the original versions of some items, which I have made PTI compatible and restyled.

You'll need [url=]7-zip[/url] to extract the archive.
See [url=]the GitHub repository[/url] for WIP items, styles and changes. I don't advise using these files unless you are willing to have your maps break.
- Refurbished Style
- Overgrown Style
- Open 1980s Style
- Unlocked Clean Style


Sorry, only logged-in users can see spoilers.


Sorry, only logged-in users can see spoilers.

[url=]Earlier changelogs[/url]

File Name: tspenAddons_v45.7z
File Size: 11.39 MiB
Click here to download BEE2 Addons

My stuff:
[spoiler]- BEE2 Addons | (BEE2)
- Hammer Addons
- Crushed Gel
- Gel is Not Always Helpful[/spoiler]

I was wondering how you made a few custom 3ds files


I have an idea :) make an camera, that can be connected with an big screen. thats awesome :)

I didn't make some .3ds files, I just copyied and renamed some of the valve ones.

Unfortunately, the game engine only allows one camera to be active at once so this would be incompatible with Wheatley monitors.

My stuff:
[spoiler]- BEE2 Addons | (BEE2)
- Hammer Addons
- Crushed Gel
- Gel is Not Always Helpful[/spoiler]

then how did you get the portalable stairs 3ds


I copied the normal stairs 3ds then renamed the copy. That seems to work fine.

My stuff:
[spoiler]- BEE2 Addons | (BEE2)
- Hammer Addons
- Crushed Gel
- Gel is Not Always Helpful[/spoiler]

You can make 3DS files in Blender, or export from whatever other modelling program you used.

Falsi sumus crusto!

Is it hard to make mods? :3
Btw at what style can i see wheatley on his screen? :lol:

No style currently has an actual Wheatley monitor, I'll add it to the Wheatley style once that's made and released.
It's not hard to make mods, provided can use hammer. I'd recommend reading through this thread, there's lots of info there.

There's two parts to any item, the instance for the item which provides the ingame functionality and the editoritems.txt entry which defines its behaviour inside the editor, what properties it has and things like that.
I'd suggest spending a bit of time looking through the various instances to get a feel about how they work. Then look through the editoritems.txt file (this is located in portal2_dlc2/scripts, but you'd want to create a .beec file in portal2_dlc2/BEE2/items which has just your item, so the BEE2 can add it to its generated items.)

My stuff:
[spoiler]- BEE2 Addons | (BEE2)
- Hammer Addons
- Crushed Gel
- Gel is Not Always Helpful[/spoiler]

well done, i have some suggestions though

here are the items you have so far in game for reference

- Retractable Pedestal button
- Worldportal Door
- Diagonal Laser and High Energy Pellet launcher
- Quarter wall
- Dropper version of PortalCombat's Sphere Cannon
- Antline Router
- Angled Block
- Music
- Laser Music
- Conveyor Belt
- Large Faith Plate
- Global Cube Dropper
- Paint Cleaner
- Double Grated Panel
- Futbol
- Ditch
- Caged Turret
- Caged Reflection Cube
- Wheatley Monitor
- Portalable Stair
- Portalable Piston Platform
- Turret Dropper
- Toggleable Faith Plate
- Static Panel
- Static Piston Platform
- Half/Half Wall

bug fixes needed

- world portal doors don't open.
- glados is too close to screen on glados monitors.
- make ditches look more realistic when placed next to each other so one long one is one pit in the floor that is lower instead of a bunch of square pits next to each other.

items that need to be added

- sizable shredders
- crushers that can be timed
- crushers that are hidden behind the wall and smash through the panels when activated.
- crusher decal (where spike holes are seen in floor or wall)
- static mashy spike plate walls that can be rotated from a panel to a plate or back (seen a lot in coop tests with funnels and at end of coop trailer)
- cold, neutral, and warm light strips that can be sized to either the original size or the two other sizes that are included in hammer.
- add a wheatly style with bottomless pits and open walls.
- add the ratman style to version 11 and up and add the destroyed entrance and exit elevators to it and have the announcer replace glados in it.
- add diversity vents, i recommend you use point pushes for the vents, the original ones included in bee2 didn't work very well. i have instances of the vents from bee2 that i have fixed, but they are only the single tubes. there are no T or + tubes made or included yet.
- add the types of panels seen just below the edge of bottomless pits in the wheatly test chambers.
- fix and add the punt cubes.
- add models that match the custom items in pti as they look in game.

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