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Back to Portal after a long hiatus

I was involved in the Portal 2 mapmaking community a bit in 2012-2014.  Then, I got into PVP games.  And had a lot of other life things to take care of, so I was away from Portal for a bit.

I came back.  It's nostalgic.  I find making, testing and solving community maps fun.  Though maybe I'm past it's glory days.  It's an 8-9 year old puzzle game, very small niche.  Unfortunately, this community never turned out to be as big as I'd like.  But I'm still here to enjoy it.

So, what's been going on the past several years?  Has the community discovered lots of new puzzle concepts since I was away.  Any good post-2015 maps?

hmmm.... this place is practically dead huh?  🙁