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Awesome Silver Wheatley Bead

Hello folks,

Our community contributor MissStabby has made an awesome Wheatley bead for her necklace:

This is what she has to say about it:

And its finally done!
I was carrying the idea of a portal 2 inspired piece of jewelry for months.

Eventually i noticed the model of wheatley would fit perfectly as a silver bead.
The model is based on the model from the portal 2 game,
i have adapted it so it could be cast in silver and used as a piece of jewelry.

The bead is 3d printed in wax, cast in silver and then covered in patina and outfitted with a blue sapphire.
The hole of the bead is compatible with the trollbead necklace/bracelet system.
The bead itself is 12mm tall and weighs 8 grams.

She even has made it available over at: shapeways.

WOW!!! It's awesome indeed!! MissStabby, really impressive work!

Congratulations for such that talent!!

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A true piece of art. Maybe now you can make other Personality Cores as well.

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Very cool! Did you do the silver etc. yourself, or did you bring it to a jeweller?

(Also Shapeways == awesome.)

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they were actually printed in wax and then cast all over at shapeways.
the black patina effects and the stone were done by a jeweler
i do want to make the adventure and space core eventually though it will be costly

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