I set out on this journey of moving our site to a newer forum software with pretty much one goal in mind – Under no circumstances will I discard the files in the old Download Database. And after many hours of hard work in converting all of the files from a very old and frankly very bad piece of download software to a much better and more robust one, the Download Database 2.0 has finally arrived!

New files automatically generate a new thread in the Release Forum! Instead of having to post a Release thread and link your file there and having a separate set of comments about the download, the new Download Database is fully integrated with the forums. When you upload a new file, it automagically makes a new thread in the Community Release forum, allowing you to centralize feedback. Your thread is linked to on the Download page, and your Download page is linked to on your thread!

Upload Versioning – All versions of files are kept! You only need to keep track of one Download page for each version of your maps. Whenever you upload a new version, the old version is automatically kept in storage. People can download previous versions in case there is compatibility issues, or if you need to roll back to a previous iteration of the map! You also have full control over this versioning, and you can delete any and all previous versions in case you don’t want older versions of your works floating around.

Increased upload limit! I have increased the file upload limit from 50mb to 200mb. There are quite a few larger projects out there that could not be uploaded previously, and now they too can find a home at our new Download Database.

These are obviously just a small few additions to the new and improved Download Database. The important thing, at least to me, is that all of the files in the 3 year ThinkingWithPortals.com history have been fully preserved and nothing is going to waste.

So, mappers! What are you waiting for? Upload your maps today!