Test subjects!
I hope you are still alive because we got new tests and challenges for you! Prepare yourselves, because it’s time for a new Community Roundup!


G Laser 1 by gompasta
Let’s start this roundup with a short and not too difficult map. In this map you have to use lasers and funnels in order to reach the exit. Experienced players could use this map as warm-up puzzle while beginners could probably take this as a little challenge.

sp_fr_penrose_01 + 02 by FourthReaper
FourthReaper created another little maserpiece for you! This time he is even going to use custom elements and world portals to create some decent test chambers. Make sure to give this map a go if you are looking for a little brain teaser with something new in it!

Catch! by Arc8ngel
This puzzle chamber with moderate difficulty will make you fling around, try to catch up some cubes and use them wisely in order to succeed and solve the puzzle. But take care to not fall into the toxic water while you fling around! Do you happen to see a cube? Catch it if you can!

Your Choice by silic
After talking about some moderate difficulty maps, let’s focus on something more difficult. The map "Your Choice" does not only have one exit door to open! Whenever you think you just opened the real exit door you will only see another closed door right behind that. Do you accept the challenge and try to reach the exit behind all those doors? Be warned, you will have to play with lasers!

Portal: DeJa-Vu [Demo] by audiotrash
This will be interesting for everyone who has already played the original game Portal. This Portal 2 mappack tries to reconstruct the original levels of Portal 1! If you want to live through the good old days of Portal 1 then make sure to not miss this Mappack Demo.

Conversion Diversion by Groxkiller585
Some of you may remember our long-time member Groxkiller585 and his maps. After a long time he got a new masterpiece for you! His new map Conversion Diversion contains several chambers with different kinds of puzzles. If you like to play custom Portal 2 maps, you really should check this out!

Broad Ratio by warnightify
This clean-styled map is brought to you by warnightify. This map’s difficulty is fairly moderate. Use your portals to use the different game elements but make sure not to lose your portals on the emancipation grids!

Outside The Box, Repitition and Seems Familiar by Gig
Our new community member Gig created some brain teasers for you! All those maps are fairly short but will require you to use your brain to gain any progress. So if your brain needs something do, here you go.

ML’s Jailbreak Labyrinth by MasterLagger
MasterLagger has released quite some maps but took a break from mapping lately. Now he is having a comeback with this new map. Even though the puzzles are very simple, it’s a nice experience to walk through the Aperture facilities and explore the building.

Getting over obstacles by Dom44
In this clean-styled chamber you have to solve some fairly easy puzzles by using various testing elements. This medium-sized map was created by Dom44 who presents this map as his anniversary map after one year of mapping.

Lp’s Lazr0s by lpfreaky90
lpfreaky90 created many puzzles within the last few weeks and months and here is another great one! Think with portals while you try to navigate the lasers to their desired destinations and don’t let that turret discourage you.


Advanced Flings by Gig
Gig did not only create some brain-teasing singleplayer maps but also a cooperative map! This fairly short but challenging testchamber is brain-teasing times two because you’re going to this mission together with your friend! Combine your brain power and you should get the hang of this!

Upstairs Downstairs by BEARD!
Another very interesting coop map has been created by BEARD! for you. In this abandoned place Aperture has several old testing chambers for Atlas and P-Body. Are you ready and willing to play together and beat all these puzzles?

Puffin by Nyskrte
Our community member Nyskrte got something new for you aswell! His latest map is called Puffin and requires you and your friend to cooperate and to remain defiant. As in all of his maps, the difficulty can only be described by the word "Nyskrte-esque" – I’m sure you will find out what that means if you don’t already know it.

This roundup covers maps from Mid-February up to March 5th.