[SP] Lost in Testing #1

Uploaded June 6, 2011 by KenJeKenny!?


! ! ! Placed 7th among SP maps in the Summer Mapping Initiative Contest ! ! ! This will be the first of 4 chapters. This chapter features a challenging but medium-difficult puzzle, using Portal gel, Portal jumping & a funnel. The average playtime = 10-15 minutes. Last Update @ 01-07 Code: Select allv1.3 @ 01-07 - Fully compiled yay! (thanks to MissStabby!) - Added level transition to chapter 2 (WIP) v1.2 @ 30-06 -Compiled with full RAD+HDR but sadly still no full VIS 🙁 -Altered the elevators a bit & optimized them -Added map title & chapter number text in beginning -Fixed the debris by the funnel so that it will be non-solid v1.1 @ 30-06 -Fixed lighting (but still intentionally a bit dark) -Added timer to exit door button -Fixed panel animations -Optimized the overall map some more -Fixed some more bugs 🙂 v1.0 @ 06-06 -Added Skybox detailing -Fixed small bugs -Added Thermal Discouragement Field -Added Test sign (can't edit script yet because of contest rules) -Made 20sec. speedrun impossible 😛 -Made 41sec. speedrun impossible 😀 -Added some more lighting but am gonna keep it intentionally dark. To-Do List: X The lighting (100%) X The visuals/looks still have to be finished (100%) X There is no proper ending yet (Fixed!) X No cube dropper/respawner yet... So don't kill the cube!!! (Fixed!) X no autosave yet... so death = map reload! (Fixed!) X not fully compiled yet... (Fixed!) X no glados chatter yet. Screenshots (bit outdated): http://steamcommunity.com/id/tuinhek/screenshot/576672371085926605/? Youtube Preview: fcQtiDWCkB4 Intended Solution (SPOILER WARNING!!!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21L5SMp0v5k Plz leave a review and/or rating!!! Any feedback, good or bad, is welcome! Thanks in advance & enjoy the puzzle! ~KenJeKenny!?