SP_A Boxiful Mind

Uploaded June 5, 2011 by Domathan


Dev Comment: My First attempt at mapping with Portal rushed out for the contest. Therefore bugs are all Inclusive (Fast retriggering Bridge Button, messes with panels). But I Hope that the Puzzles are well worth it // Changelog is in Thread Aperture Sience Statement: "Welcome to our Underground Biomaterial Recycling Center. We hope you don't mind that we hadn't the time to completly Build it up, but at least we've allready assembled the Sentry Turrets for your Pleisure and enriching Stay. We also would like to inform you, that you should stay away from the Organic Assembly on the ground, becouse it is Highly Enriched Toxic Stuff created by Humans after eating our Repulsion Gel. Aperture Sience, The Future was Yesterday!"