[SP] One in the Chamber

Uploaded June 4, 2011 by KrispyTheKorn


One in the Chamber is a single player map built specifically for the ThinkingWithPortals.com Summer Mapping Initiative. The name "One in the Chamber" refers to the amount of cubes available to complete the chamber. The map is built with the Destroyed Aperture theme in mind, and contains two puzzle rooms, as well as an introductory corridor. The difficulty level has been kept low to medium, to allow players a challenge without wanting to pound there fist into their monitors. All mappers feel free to rifle through the .vmf for fog/lighting settings, and the likes, as well as to learn how I put the level together. filename: sp_1_inthechamber.bsp Screenshot: http://interlopers.net/titan/sp_1_inthechamber0003.jpg KrispyTheKorn aka, IZaNaGI Update: Re-uploaded with missing readme file. Update 2: Fixed an issue allowing players to complete the final room in an unintended fashion. Added "info_placement_helper" entity's to some white surfaces as per player feedback. Replaced an errant "cool" light instance with a "warm" instance. Update 3: Fixed "black" textured surfaces so that they are no longer portalable (if that's even a word ... which it isn't).