Uploaded June 4, 2011 by Ruien


Engineer - A map designed to make you think. Portal 2 is, at its heart, a puzzle game. Graphics; story; environment -- all of these are good but secondary. I finished the masterpiece of Portal 2 but was left wanting more: a deeper puzzle, with intrigue and interlocking chambers, that required strategy, intuition, and ingenuity. I want to be challeged so that I am rewarded with a well-earned feeling of victory. Combining logic with creativity is the quintessential essence of what Portal 2 maps should be all about, and in Engineer I believe I have recaptured that ideal. It is my hope that upon completion, Engineer will stand out in your mind as unique, and that the fundamental puzzle design it presents is carried forth by the many others far more skilled in map-building than I. Notes: - It is possible to do things that make the puzzle unsolvable. However, I have added many "safety exits" (as fizzlers) which reduces this. You never need to pass through a fizzler to solve this puzzle - they are intended for emergency use. - Engineer is not a tedious map. There are many solutions, but none are trivial, and if you find yourself repeating anything over and over again, it is not the correct solution. Just take a step back, and ponder the tools you have been given. - Solution has been provided as a demo file, included. See Readme.txt for instructions.