[SP] Overgrowth

Uploaded June 1, 2011 by slowdevelopment


Hey, This is a test chamber I'm working on for the Summer Mapping Initiative. I'll be updating it up until the contest deadline; if people want to give me feedback on it, try to break it, etc. I'd appreciate it! Also, if you know how to use the record demo console command in Portal 2 and want to send me the demo of your playthrough, that would be extra-useful as I want to see how people approach solving stuff. Changelog: v0.1 - first version of map v0.2 - made stairway on third level more noticeable, added convenience for returning to lower levels from the end if cube needs to be repositioned, added foliage, made water at base of testchamber transparent, various minor graphical tweaks, added glados line v0.3 - fixed portal alignment issue at top of chamber, fixed brushes that could have interfered with box dropper entities, lowered box dropper and made box target into convex displacement map to reduce the likelihood of it bouncing away v0.4 - put invis collision around top of drop from upper light bridge panel & adjusted platform spacing to prevent a way to break the puzzle; made final light bridge panel hidden until the player presses a button on the upper balcony, changed voices and music trigger timing, added another convenience portalable surface and closed off an unnecessary stairway to vary movement/pacing, various visual changes w/ ruined structures, foliage, fog settings and pfx v0.5 - made some more gameplay alterations to make movement through the chamber more interesting, improved lighting, updated vo, sound, and transition entities, did some optimization, added more func_details and props, pfx, etc.