[SP] Cubes 'n' Funnels

Uploaded May 27, 2011 by Will T.


Yeah, I'm not great at names... This is my contest entry. Not much more to say than that... If you find any new exploits please don't hesitate to point them out. CHANGELOG: v. 1.3 - 6/5/2011 - CONTEST FINAL -Added a means of escaping from either button should the player accidentally end up on one of them via the funnel -Made it so that the player can no longer directly press either button and trigger the autosave when the cube isn't there -Fixed a convoluted exploit that allowed the player to bypass the second part of the funnel puzzle -Changed the way the broken ceiling lighting was set up - there is now some natural light in the room! -Added more details all around -Fixed some aesthetic problems - misaligned textures, glitchy models, etc. (Some small errors may persist; I tried but couldn't find working solutions to a couple of potential minor lighting glitches) -Added an env_wind to make vines sway v. 1.2 - 5/30/2011 -Added signs hinting towards the propulsion gel -Changed the repulsion (bounce) gel button to rise out of the floor when enabled, and start visibly retracted into the floor -(Hopefully) fixed the panel-platform controlled by the right-side floor button getting stuck in the "down" position when the button is pressed -Re-added music, with a little piece of Portal 1 nostalgia (it doesn't loop, but the file I picked doesn't either so it works) -Added more destruction v. 1.1 - 5/27/2011 -Fixed multiple methods through which the player could acquire the cubes in unintended ways, bypassing the main puzzles -Added lights to draw player's attention to potentially hard-to-see testing elements (i.e. portal surfaces in dark-ish areas) -Removed music for now; I might re-add it when I figure out how to make it actually work -Tweaked timing of events on broken sign at the start - it now explodes and dies after 1 second (was 2.5) -Fixed some minor texture alignment issues v. 1.0 - 5/26/2011 -Initial release