RubyCarbuncIe's Test Chamber 1

Uploaded May 19, 2011 by RubyCarbuncIe


Okay so, this is my first map release for Portal 2 (well for anything Portal related, but that's besides the point) This map started out as a test to see just how many elements I could fit into a test while still making it a decent test. It turned out that I made two test chambers in one map. The elements I added into the map are: Excursion Funnels Lasers Fizzlers (In the chamber, not the start/finish fizzlers) Hardlight Bridges Repulsion Gel Propulsion Gel Ariel Faith Plates Death Field and of course Buttons and Switches Please tell me of any bugs you find while playing this map. To install place the map in the Portal 2/portal2/maps folder V2: Added Indicator lights Removed Hard Light Bridge from Chamber 2 Made the small platform near the end of Chamber 2 with a material that allows the Gels to pass right through it.