[Coop] Colours Co-Op : : Map 3

Uploaded May 15, 2011 by IanB


: : : ATTENTION - You can now pick up the cube - So that's been fixed! This is a full working bug-free version! Enjoy! The Hardest, Greenest Colours Co-Op Map Yet! The whole map revolves around a central elevator shaft. It makes heavy use of funnels, faith-plates, and goo! Adventures inside a giant gyroscope? We've got you covered. [[UPDATED]] Due to numerous requests to make this chamber easier, I've ramepd down the difficulty by adding an "easy" button. I also removed the Frankencube due to a number of bugs related to it. Lastly I trimmed some fat to make it less laggy for people with slower machines, if you're still having lag issues I can cut the support lines out altogether and make the map run silky smooth if there's a big enough demand for a low-def version please do not hesitate to ask me for it! ALSO: The map now contains a version that can run on machines with less RAM!