Uploaded July 15, 2015 by RectorRocks


Solitary is an easy-medium difficulty one-chamber map in the Wheatley theme. A big thank you to Tmast98 for playtesting and detailing the map to make it even better! --------------- More details Current version: 1.1 Theme: Wheatley Difficulty: Easy-Medium Estimated playtime: 6 minutes --------------- Special Thanks to Tmast98: Playtester & helping to detail the map RedSilencer : Playtester -------------- Changelog v1.0 - 07/15 - Official release version v1.1 - 07/16 - Re-uploaded version -Moved white surfaces at faith plate area. -Unchecked physics object flags on faith plate. -Moved switch of blue gel to the center. -Graphical update : Smashed ceiling near exit area and added 'test chamber' at the second pit. --------------- Tell me what you guys think about this map! Good luck and have fun!