Hammer Addons

Uploaded July 6, 2014 by TeamSpen210


Various modifications to the game's files to improve mapmaking in general. FGD Changes: - Skotty's FGD stuff (With some tweaks) - New icons for point_templates, point_server/clientcommands, point_teleport, etc - Credit to :The TF2 Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack, ZPS: Supplemental Hammer Icons and ts2do's HL2 FGDs for the various icons. - Fake keyvalues for turrets, cubes and funnels that let you choose the model that will be displayed in hammer. - Rendermode, EnableDraw/DisableDraw commands, Parenting properties etc added to many items if they can use them. - Custom editor model for prop_indicator_panel, making it easy to ensure perfect alignment and correct orientation for both modes. - Custom model for prop_portals and placement_helpers to show the orientation easier (arrow points upward) - More Auto Visgroups to categorise basically everything (test element only visgroup, antlines, buttons, instances visgroup, basically anything I could think of) Vscript changes: - Choose a random elevator video in unpublished maps (video_splitter.nut) - In unpublished maps, play a random Cave DLC2 quote. (dlc2_vo.nut) - Onscreen notification when the vote screen is triggered (voting_dialog.nut) - Script to change models to custom versions for prop_buttons, prop_weighted_cube (ts_model_change.nut) Models: (these are mostly reskins/recompiles of Valve models and originally made for PTI styles, but they could be useful for pure Hammer maps.) They're all in props_ingame/, excluding the underground companion cube which is in props_underground/. - [p1_button()] P1 button modified to work correctly with prop_buttons - [under_ccube()] Old Aperture Companion Cube (set the cube to the antique type) - [rusty_reflect()] Rusty reflection cube with correct gel skins (Use on a cube that was set to the clean variant) - [rusty_box()] Version of the normal cube with rusty skins in place of the normal one (Allows having a rusty cube show gel skins) - [p1_cube()] P1 Storage/Companion cube (with additional skins to match the P2 metal_box model) - [p1_ball()] P1 sphere (with gel skins) - P1-inspired laserfield emitter (Black exterior with red "lights") - Variations of the PeTI arm_4panel, arm_4panel_glass and arm_8panel models with the other arm64 skins (dirty, red lights, etc) To use the cubes or button, set "ts_change_model.nut" as the entity script and RunScriptCode the appropriate function. For the other models set as prop_dynamic. Instances: - A P1 pedestal button which uses the custom model as well as the more mechanical P1 tick-tock sound (tspen/p1_button). - A nodraw room to precache the custom cubes, and p1 pedestal button.