[SP] The Inquisition [Map Pack]

Uploaded January 18, 2014 by srs bsnss


New and Improved version! Set after the awakening of GLaDOS, you are taken through a testing track involving the Matter Inquisition Field - a yellow fizzler that blocks portal shots, and destroys cubes, but doesn't close portals. The puzzles gradually get more difficult as you make your way through six fun-filled chambers, plus two extra bonus chambers. === "The Inquisition" is a map pack that I've been working on for about 5-6 months. What started as a small experiment with FourthReaper's Modified Fizzler Fields turned into one of the biggest projects that I've ever done, and consumed a lot of time and effort. So much time and effort doesn't go without help, and so I'd like to thank a couple of people: FourthReaper - While not directly involved, FR is the reason this map pack exists, and his Matter Inquisition Field is the entire focus. Josepezdj - Jose is responsible for the glowing button bases, as well as the rusted signage, both minor details adding up to a big difference. Lpfreaky90 - LP's contribution was the death fizzler seen in one of the bonus maps, as well as some modelling (keep an eye for a spanner!) Tile - Tile created broken fan models, which were very valuable in the destroyed sections. === And of course, I'd like to thank those who playtested for me: Lpfreaky90 tmast98 Mevious wildgoosespeeder yishbarr And finally, I'd like to thank the Portal 2 community! === The formalities out of the way, enjoy the maps!