Gelocity Time Trial - Track 2

Uploaded June 14, 2013 by Raidix


A Singleplayer version of Gelocity Stage 2 but with a couple of changes. This map is not a puzzle but a race track covered with orange speed gel. Like in the first Gelocity Time Trial your task is to reach the finish line in a limited time. You will probably need a few laps until you know all tricks - so give it at least a second try! Feel free to post your best times! For the fastest of you I have added a scoreboard to the map. If you are good enough and want to be listed there, you have to post the following things: - your name - fastest lap - a link to a youtube video or a *.dem demo file to prove your lap time I will update the scoreboard maybe one time every month. Please note that this map is really large. That is why it takes a while to download it. Gelocity Coop-maps: Gelocity 1 Gelocity Stage 2 Gelocity Stage 3 Feel free to donate if you like my maps and you want to support me. Special thanks to DrFauli for playtesting.