Portal 2 Pre-release/Beta Pack

Uploaded April 24, 2013 by reepblue


It's finally here, after months and months of getting no where, I've got it at least started. The Portal 2 Pre-release/Beta Pack is a texture, and aesthetic pack that recreates the look and feel of Portal 2 we saw back at E3 2010 - PAX 2010. I've seen a lot of beta/pre-release maps that use the stock textures and looks and it does not do the justice! What is included? - New Metal Walls. - Shinier dirty walls. - Beta looking Observation rooms. - Portal 1 Observation Rooms. - Beta light strips. - Green Goo - Screenshot samples - Portal 1 Button Switch - Vscripts that swap out the Portal 2 turret and Portal 2 Button switch to the Portal 1 version. - 2 Example maps by Kyo and Me. - Whirls for the Portals. (Need VPK override) - Different glass texture for the Portal Door. (Need VPK override) (NOTE: I still need someone to find a way to get the sick figure to show on the portal door. He is in the model itself, but the glass texture needs to only show him.) Q & A Q: Why did you do this? There is a reason why Valve changed stuff. A: Because I'm one of those people who love what Valve does not release a tad more on what they do end up shipping. I'm sure there are mappers who feel the same way. Q: Is this an override? A: No, it's separate. All the textures are under the folder "betapack". To ship your map, just pakrat (or include) that folder, and the models and material/models folders included. Q: Does it include instances? A: Yes Q: Does it include the vmf of the sample maps? A: No Q: Can I help with anything? A: Sure, feel free to contribute to anything and I'll add it to this package. Special thanks to Kyo for testing the pack and allowing me to ship the map with this!