Uploaded January 16, 2013 by El Farmerino


Small, contained laser puzzle that's a little more complex than it may first appear.... DIfficulty: Probably a little on the hard side. ---------------------------------------------- I spent much of last year travelling, and so this is my first released map in a long while. As ever, it's a small, minimally-styled chamber made of Hammer flesh over a PTI skeleton, with a focus more on the puzzle than the aesthetic side of things. That said, I did go to the trouble of chucking in a small Easter Egg of sorts, as a reward for players who like to mess around a bit. Puzzle-wise I'm really pleased with how it turned out, and it might just be my favourite out of my own stuff. I've playtested it quite a lot and think it's pretty airtight, but then I always do; I'm fully prepared for the TWP crowd to prove me wrong.... EDIT: Challenge version uploaded! Check it out: