Gelocity Stage 3

Uploaded December 26, 2012 by Raidix


Well, you might have played Gelocity 1 or 2. So you will know what this is about: This is NOT a puzzle, it's a race track covered with orange speed goo. You have to run, jump and portal your way through the course and - like in Gelocity Stage 2 - you can stop your opponent by using the ping tool to trigger traps. Be the first to reach the finish line! I'm not sure if it is as good as Stage 2, but there are still some new ideas and hopefully more interesting visuals this time. It took me hundreds of hours of work to make this, so I really hope that you will enjoy this third and probably last Gelocity! Thanks to all who wrote comments or made youtube videos about Stage 1 and 2, this helped a lot to make my maps popular. Special thanks to Skotty for the energy ball launcher and to Nerzl for playtesting. If the energy ball isn't displayed correctly, you should download this: Working Energy Balls + Clean models + Instances