Uploaded September 4, 2012 by UsCobra11


Navigate your way through the rusted corridors of Aperture Science as it once was: It seems, an unfinished Aperture project has been forgotten below the wrecked and obliberated structure of the facility. As you drop down through the dark and misty ruins of what were once the works of great minds, you find yourself the only one to experiment with the Aperture Science MultiPortal Device. New strategies, elements, and surprises await you in the abandoned depths of Aperture. A destroyed test track featuring 3 tests that will challenge your mind. Credits: Insomnautik - Being a great mentor. Felix Griffin - Creating Multicolored portals. ChickenMobile - Making custom Rattman scrawls. Coldplay - "Viva La Vida" Spyrunite, Klooger28, Msushi100, Habzs - Playtesting [CHANGELOG] v1.0 -Initial Release v1.1 -Extra detailing, fixing, etc -Attempted to prevent multiple unintended solutions v1.2 -Multicolored portals added -Replaced bsp with Steam Workshop link