Gamma Test 1

Uploaded August 5, 2012 by Naulziator


Naulziator #supercontest2012 ChickenMobile Gamma Test 1 - A map full of new textures to feast your eyes on. This map will change the ideal appearance of Portal 2 maps, creating such colour that few have ever seen in a Portal game before. You may recall a texture pack I made for Portal 1 a few years back. It was said that the nPortal 2 generic textures had similar appearances. Well, here's a new styel that will broaden everyone's perspective on how Portal 2's levels should look like in the year 2012... In addition to the new textures, you are introduced to a new button based on real life magnetic switches. Simply stand on one of these clearly marked buttons, or put a box on it. You'll know it works when the indicators turn green. Note: The arrow key in the elevator is a button. So are all the lights that have the power toggle icons. Also, you must have expert control of bounce scenarios, including steering and the absolute need to crouch. Enjoy.